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Symphony Award


Dallas Alumnae Symphony Award

There are three Symphony Award recipients this year, all Young Alum members. The recipients exemplify the personality traits and ideals of our beloved Chi Omega Symphony. Congratulations to our 2017 awardees:

ALLISON  DAVENPORT (top right) presented by Debby Kondrach, Award Recognition Chair



Past Recipients

2017     Allison Davenport
      Amanda Escobedo
      Amy McAleavey
2016     Melody Collins
      Denise Jernigan
2015     Jane Phillips
      Emily Thorsen
2014     Diane Brooks
      Mallory Jacob
2013     Sarah Staats
      Jenny Zimmerly
2012     Kay Hyland
      Barbara McKenzie
      Amy Timmerman
2011     Ann Jones
      Adelaide Wingert
2010     Mimi Huey
      Kelly Little
2008     Erin Michel
2007     Margaret Gall
      Patty O'Neil
2006     Bitsy Carter
      Kate Crissey
2005     Andrea Denheyer
      Kim Kelley
      Debby Kondrach
2004     Lindley Arthur
      Holly Coleman
      Cindy Reid
2003     Suzanne Addison
      Brynn Allday
      Krista Elmer
2002     Kaylea Schultz
      Amber Strang
      Mary Tabor
2001     Courtney Benson
      Paula Whisenant
      Jenny Winton
2000     Barbara Bailey*
      Julie Livingston
      Libby Seifert
1999     Nichole Briscoe
      Karen E. Gray
      Carol Heller
      Tracy Pechenik
1998     Serena Cole
      Michele McDermett
      Kari Wade
1997     Celia Boisfontaine
      Marlene Christensen
      Carolyn Peck
1996     Natalie Devero
      Kelly Hosch
      Suzanne Taylor
1995     Beth Lane Anderson
      Eddie Buskirk
1994     Cindy Lindsley
      Mary Catherine Smith
      Kimberley J. Yamanouchi
1993     Beth Felvey
      Jane Magers
1992     Suzy Frazier
      Diane Martin
      Carol Toler
1991     Joanne Guy*

* Deceased