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Message from the President

Dear Ladies,

How do you start a letter to 500 women who possibly entered college with the same Deer-in-the-Headlights feelings I had when I started at Texas Tech waaay back in the Fall of 1963? Answer: With the confidence that they will relate to what I will share with them. Here goes.

I joined Chi Omega because I wanted to be a part of an organization that was filled with women who were excited to be a part of THAT group, a group who had a genuine FRIENDSHIP for each other that was obvious from the get-go. I already had a close sister (identical twin Judy Best Zurlis) but I wanted a group that had the same burning desire for the BEST possible outcomes for the educational walk that was beginning. I wanted a group that could help me become a contributing member in my community and profession. Any of this sound familiar to you?

Those are still reasons I remain actively involved in Chi Omega.

My sister Judy told me I should introduce myself to you because some of you do not know me. Crae, my son, graced me with two granddaughters who are now married and live in the Dallas area. My daughter, Anne, and her family live in Granbury. Both of my children graduated from Granbury High School. In March I moved back to Granbury to be close to my three school-aged grandsons. My undergraduate degree in Home Economics Education is from Texas Tech. My Masters is from Tarleton State University, and my Ph.D. is from The University of North Texas.

I have met interesting Chi Omegas who were ready to start a local alumnae chapter and then step up to organize their city Panhellenic in the 3 areas where I have lived. They are the Grapevine-Colleyville Chi O group and the Mid-Cities Panhellenic in the 70s, the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Chi O group and their City Panhellenic in the early 80s; and then historic little Granbury was the trifecta in the late 80s. Recruitment has always been my interest. It was an honor to follow Mary Helen Derby as the State Recruitment Information Chair for a couple of years when National converted to online RIFS. To be completely transparent, I have never been a President before so shepherding this year will be the best adventure yet!

Our Band of Dallas Area Sisters carries the Greek Banner the highest. We support each other in numerous professional, cultural, religious, and social endeavors. For almost half a century we have improved the quality of life for thousands of North Texans with Chi Omega Christmas Market.  It was my honor to Co-Chair the Market in 2018 and 2019.

Friendship brought many of us into Chi Omega and it is one of my Spotlights this year. The pandemic has come and gone. We have lived life safely under non-ideal situations, and now we are ready to be with friends, do things with Sisters, meet more women, enjoy new pursuits. Carla Reyna and Karen True Lincoln are co-chairing gatherings knows as Summer Sister Socials to bring us back together during the summer. These small gatherings are similar to the Safe Sisters parties Cindy Large developed during 2020-2021 but with a different twist.

You have a dynamic group of women who eagerly and happily accepted positions on the leadership team. The 51 women serving on the Chi Omega Alumnae of Dallas Executive Board are ready to welcome each of you back and want you to become a part of the activities within our association. They will be introduced to you very soon. They are the CHAIRS of the numerous portions of our association and as CHAIRS they need committee members to help reach intended goals. To paraphrase a phrase “Chiefs are necessary but Indians are the life blood of the tribe!”

Mary Love Collins was correct when she said, “Chi Omega contributes something wholesome to the whole of one’s life.” Our Chi Omega Alumnae of Dallas Chapter is here to continue this lifetime of adventure in Chi Omega. Come join in the fun!

Carol Best Hillman, President

Kappa Zeta, 1964

Texas Tech University